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Roman Vienna

Vienna was founded as a military outpost of the Roman Empire at the end of the 1st century. The garrison experienced a period of cultural and economical prosperity during the 2nd and the first half of the 3rd century. The fascinating Römermuseum on the square Hoher Markt shows the remains of two officers’ houses with a technically advanced under-floor heating system (hypocaust) as well as other interesting  archeological finds which tell us a lot about Roman everyday life. Outside the camp relics of the so-called Canabae, a recreation area with shops, wine taverns and brothels, were discovered.

The most prominent visitor of Roman Vindobona was Emperor Marcus Aurelius who came to the Limes in order to fight the Germanic Quadi and Marcomanni tribes.


Program and practical information


We start at the square Michaelerplatz where remains from the Canabae can be seen. We will then walk along the elegant commercial lane Kohlmarkt which leads us to the Graben. This word means “moat” and was indeed the place where the walls and ditches of the camp had once been. Walking over the medieval lane of the Tuchlauben we will come to Hoher Markt where we will visit the Römermuseum (Roman museum) with the excavations of the two officers’ houses.


MEETING POINT: In front of the church Michaelerkirche on Michaelerplatz.

DURATION: 1 hour.

END OF THE TOUR: Römermuseum on the square Hoher Markt (1st district).

ADMISSION FEES: Römermuseum. School classes are free!