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Between 1919 and 1934, the social democratic town administration accomplished an ambitious plan of social housing in order to improve the miserable living conditions of the working class in post-war Vienna. The city-owned apartment blocks built at that time represent landmarks of modern Vienna until the present day. The most famous complex is certainly the enormous Karl-Marx-Hof which contains 1.380 apartments. In one of the former bath houses the informative exposition on “Red Vienna” is shown.



Practical information


PROGRAM: after the visit of the permanent exposition “Red Vienna” we will explore the monumental building complex.

MEETING POINT: in front of the museum “Red Vienna” (“Das rote Wien”) located in the ancient bath house of the northern courtyard. You get there with underground U4, getting off at the last station "Heiligenstadt". You will find the yellow-brownish Karl-Marx-Hof immediately when leaving the underground station.

ADMISSION FEES: for the museum “Das rote Wien”.

DURATION: 1 hour 15 minutes.

END OF THE TOUR: Underground station Heiligenstadt.

FURTHER READING: Eva Blau, The Architecture of Red Vienna 1919-1934, New York 1999.